Jerry Meral
Conservation Council for Hawai‘i
Working Today for the Nature of Tomorrow

.Conservation Council for Hawaii is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. CCH members include nearly 5,500 residents of Hawaii and elsewhere, who want to protect Hawaii's unique natural heritage for future generations.

During the Pacific Science Conference in Honolulu in 1950, a group of leading scientists in Hawaii discussed the need for an organization with a scientific basis to help formulate policy and inform decision-making related to the protection of Hawaiian natural resources. As a result, the Conservation Council for Hawaii was formed.

Conservation Council for Hawaii is dedicated to protecting native Hawaiian plants, animals, and ecosystems. CCH is the Hawaii affiliate of the National Wildlife Federation.
President: Julie Leialoha, Hawaii
Vice President: Nelson Ho, At-large
Secretary/Treasurer: Kim Ramos, Oahu
Randy Bartlett, Maui
Don Heacock, Kauai
Fred Kraus, PhD, At-large
Steven Lee Montgomery, PhD, At-large
George Robertson, Hawaii
Claire Shimabukuro, At-large
Helene Takamoto, Oahu
Mashuri Waite, Oahu
Oahu Chapter Chair: Bill Sager
Executive Director: Marjorie Ziegler
NWF Regional Director: Gerald Meral
NWF Regional Representative: Matt Little
Mashuri Waite
Julie Leialoha
Bill Sager
Helene Takemoto
Matt Little
Marjorie Ziegler
Steve Montgomery
Don Heacock
Left to right: Nelson Ho, Julie Leialoha, Marjorie Ziegler, Steven Lee Montgomery, Martha Levensaler, Mashuri Waite, Helene Takemoto, David Hill, Bill Sager, Vicki Newberry, Michael Bailey, and Warren Onishi
Nelson Ho
Fred Kraus
Randy Bartlett
Kim Ramos
George Robertson